Unearthing the Truth in Workers' Compensation Claims

At Salt Lake Investigations, we ensure the legitimacy of claims, protecting businesses from potential fraud.

Unearth Truth: Workers' Comp Investigation Specialists in Salt Lake, Utah

Distinguishing Fact from Fiction in Claims.

Expert Investigations for Claim Validity

For over two decades, workers’ compensation investigations have been at the forefront of our expertise at Salt Lake Investigations. We've meticulously honed our skills in insurance claims probes, and today, we stand as one of Utah's most esteemed and committed private investigation agencies in this realm. Our legacy is built on precision, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth.

Medical Canvassing
A critical step in validating claims, our medical canvassing process cross-references a claimant's medical history against reported injuries, ensuring consistency and credibility in the claim.
Police Reports
We meticulously review police reports, seeking discrepancies or details that might challenge the authenticity of an incident, providing an added layer of scrutiny to the claims process.
Scene Ivestigation
By physically examining the scene of the incident, our team gathers tangible evidence, photographs, and eyewitness accounts, offering a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding the claim.
Injured construction worker on-site, highlighting the importance of thorough workers' comp investigations.

Combatting Fraudulent Workers' Compensation Claims with Expertise

As a leading private investigator agency in Utah, Salt Lake Investigations specializes in uncovering workers' compensation insurance fraud. Our experienced investigators are well-versed in identifying the red flags that indicate fraudulent claims, protecting employers from financial loss, and ensuring your claim is investigated properly.

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